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Trends in Divorce

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

1. 69% of Divorces are Initiated by Women

2. Divorce Rate is Highest Among Those with Some College Education

3. Divorce rate in U.S. is decreasing, but it’s because the overall number of people getting married has declined.

4. Increase in “Grey” divorce: Largest segment of people getting divorced are over 50 (over the last decade).

5. States with the Highest Divorce Rate in 2018:

  • 13% Arkansas

  • 12.1% South Dakota

  • 10.8% Kentucky

  • 10.1% Oregon

  • 9.9% Indiana

  • 9.8% Alabama

  • 9.8% West Virginia

  • 9.6% Nevada

  • 9.6% Washington

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