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Benefits of Mediation in Divorce

It is no surprise that divorce can be a stressful time for anyone who experiences it. The stress of divorce can be mitigated however, if you and your spouse are good candidates for mediation.

Meditation in divorce is when a neutral third party is brought in to guide the parties towards a resolution of all matters through a written settlement agreement. A mediator helps both parties communicate their needs in a healthy environment. If you and your spouse are able to maintain civil communication, a mediator may be the wiser choice if you’ve decided to dissolve your union.

So why would one choose mediation over traditional divorce proceedings?

  • Mediation is typically less expensive and takes less time than a traditional divorce proceeding

  • Mediation gives you and your spouse more control over the divorce process

  • Mediation can help improve communication between you and your spouse which can help to avoid future conflicts

Not only does mediation cost less than traditional divorce proceedings, but mediation typically costs less emotionally for those involved in the divorce. This may be a pivotal difference in the way you chose to approach your impending divorce. It is difficult to put a price on the emotional well-being of all of the parties involved.

When a traditional divorce proceeding goes to court, a judge will decide on a fair settlement for you and your spouse. However, what you see as fair and what your spouse sees as fair may not be the same as what a judge determines is fair. In mediation, the settlement is designed by you and is on your terms. Even with some conflict, a mediator can help both parties come to an agreement that takes the needs and wants of both parties into consideration and is beneficial for everyone.

More often than not, filing for a divorce does not necessarily mean your spouse will be out of your life forever. When children, pets, and other assets are involved, there will be ongoing communication between you and your spouse. Mediation creates an environment where you can communicate with each other in an effective manner, guided by the mediator who is able to keep the conversations on track and goal-oriented.

Mediation is not the right approach in every situation, particularly where there is high conflict or domestic violence, but it can be the best choice for many divorcing couples. Does mediation sound right for you? Here at Ross & Beckman, PLC, we can help you meet all your mediation needs. Contact us today if you are interested in learning more about mediation.


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