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Criminal Law

Criminal Defense

Our experienced attorneys will provide you with the best possible criminal defense. As a former public defender, Mr. Beckman has experience handling a large range of criminal cases. We understand the worry and emotional impact of being charged with a criminal offense, where you may be facing extensive fines or jail time. You need an attorney with the expertise to protect your rights while guiding you through the process with compassion and wisdom. At Ross and Beckman, we provide representation throughout Northern Virginia against many charges, including:


  • Reckless driving, excessive speeding and racing

  • Drunk in public

  • Domestic violence and orders of protection

  • DUI

  • Expungements

  • All misdemeanor charges

  • Drug possession

  • Felony charges

  • All misdemeanor charges

  • Drug possession


It is not always in your best interest to plead guilty. We will advise you on every step of the process from dealing with law enforcement through negotiating a plea deal, advocating for a dismissal, or defending you in court. You need an attorney who can provide you with a proven strategy to mitigate the consequences of your criminal charge. 


A criminal charge can change a life. So much is at stake from your liberty to your family and your financial security. We understand the severity of what you are facing, and we have the experience to advocate for the best possible outcome. We will serve your unique needs in any criminal matter. 


Contact Ross and Beckman today to set up a free initial consultation for your criminal issue. 

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