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Only bring up divorce when you’re sure.

Have you ever been involved in an argument with your spouse when you felt the urge to tell them that maybe you should just end the marriage? Or have you ever been so angry about something that they did that you told them you wanted to leave?

Many people have had this experience. They just can’t see any way to get through the issues that they’re having, they wonder if the marriage is even worth saving, and they just say what they’re feeling in the heat of the moment. As natural and common as this is, though, it is important to only do this when you’re sure that you actually want to get divorced.

Why should you wait to mention a divorce?

There are many reasons to save these types of comments for when you’re confident that you want to end your marriage, such as:

  • Ensuring that your spouse takes it seriously

  • Giving yourself time to prepare in advance

  • Making sure that the children don’t worry unnecessarily

  • Seeking the type of end to your marriage that you actually want

It is very common for people to think about divorce, but it’s something that you want to keep to yourself until you know that it’s time to do it. Even when emotions are running high, you don’t want to use this as a threat or a bluff.

The legal process

Once you do, though, then you need to begin looking into all of the legal steps that you have to take. It can help to work with an experienced team that has gone through many divorce cases in the past.


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