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Civil Communication in a Divorce

Parents who go through a divorce must consider how they will raise their children. Unlike childless couples who part ways, people who share children still have to communicate. This is often the most challenging part of co-parenting.

Being respectful when you’re speaking to each other is critical. It helps some people to think of co-parenting communication as a business matter. Allowing emotion to take over can make it difficult to control yourself. Remember that a person who was a terrible spouse can still be a fantastic parent.

Here are two tips that can help:

Remain focused

The focus of all co-parenting communication has to be the children. By keeping this at the heart of each conversation, things might go smoother.

It’s always best for you and your ex to speak to each other directly, either through verbal talks or written options. It might be tempting to start bringing up the things that led to the end of your romantic relationship, but this isn’t a good idea. Instead, stick to points directly related to raising the children now.

Know when to walk away

Communication with your ex might get heated sometimes. Remember, there’s no point in keeping the conversation going if tensions are high.

Know when to walk away so you can gather your thoughts and calm down. The break may help both adults think more clearly to make the best decisions.

The parenting plan is the backbone of co-parenting. Ensure the terms you and your ex agreed on are in the document so you can refer to it if there are questions about what should happen. Working with someone who can help you get this together is essential.


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