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When Should I get a Protective Order?

If you find yourself in circumstances that put your safety or the safety and well-being of your loved ones into question, you may have the legal recourse of a protective order. This document is issued by a judge and will protect you from violence or threat that could result in bodily harm, or even death. The law in Virginia has changed recently so that you may obtain a protective order not only against a household member or romantic partner, but also against a neighbor or friend. It is a crime to violate a protective order.

Depending on your specific needs and the timing of your case, there are 3 types of protective orders that can be issued in Virginia: Emergency Protective Order, Preliminary Protective Order, and Final Protective Order. We work with you to get you the most effective and immediate protection possible from the moment you reach out to us. We understand that when you realize you need our assistance, you are filled with apprehension and anxiety, and it is our job to help you regain your footing and your confidence as soon as possible.

The individual details of your protective order are tailored to your specific needs. A protective order can ensure you receive physical AND financial protection when you need it most. The court can order your abuser to leave your home, even if it is their home as well. If there are children involved, a protective order can grant you temporary custody of your minor children and protect their physical welfare when they are away from home. Financial assistance can be included as well, such as access to a vehicle and payment of household expenses such as utilities. If the abuse is a result of alcohol or drug abuse, a protective order can direct the abuser to seek counseling and treatment.

We also represent individuals who have been falsely accused of domestic violence, as being unjustly subject to a protective order can have dire consequences.

In any protective order case, our team works to secure the best and most expedient outcome to protect you and your family, while you focus your energy on formulating plans for your future.



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